A New Project For All Learners

I have always desired for learners to experience the joy of writing. However, it’s extremely hard to do when writing seems forced and feels ugly. This year I hope to change that for the learners that come to weekly/bi-weekly sessions. I have devoted time to go over various writing/story telling categories. We might not cover then all, however, I hope we can touch on a few different styles and allow for the learner to pick which they like best and dive into that.

Writing Styles:

  • script

  • stacking stories ( lots of repetition, this happened, then this, and this. )

  • complex stories ( involve a problem, climax, solution)

  • reflective (diary entry from your perspective or another)

  • essay (research, position, personal reflection)

  • poetry

  • perspective (bringing something to life that wouldn’t normally)

  • article

  • story from a picture

  • creating a different ending

Once each has been sampled each learner will pick what lights up their life. Go over editing, drafts, the whole process, illustrations and anything else might need to occur.

In the end they will walk away with a publication of their own work. I hope this helps encourage young writers to get their thoughts out there. It has sure helped me to realize I to have things to say.

All the best,


Head Learning Coach @ LIFT LEARNING Inc.