Our Mission:

Inspire Lifelong Learning

LIFT gives young people the tools to conquer barriers at school, restore confidence and transform grades.


Our Philosophy

To meet ALL learners where they are in the learning journey.

To work with your child's natural abilities to develop strategies for success. Working together learners will discover healthy strategies, expand awareness and grow academically.


Our Impact


Learners finding success



Years Serving calgary

Thankful to have served Calgary South learners and their families for over 7 years. Look forward to more growth in the coming years as we expand outside of Calgary.



ways to connect with learning

By connecting with other local businesses LIFT Learning Inc. has been able to enrich learners through unique projects.


Our Programs

LIFT Learning Inc. was developed to provide families with a personal learning service to supplement traditional learning models. Strength is in the value of individuality and ability to nurture growth in the whole family.

Working with natural abilities sessions are designed specifically for the learner and their learning goals. Sessions are 1 hour one-on-one, typically once a week (sometimes more often), to guide your learner into becoming a life-long learner.

Tutoring sessions are an investment of $80.00 + tax for 1 hour.



Grade 3, 6, and 9 Provincial Achievement Test (PAT)

Study skills and learning styles

Time management and organization

core concepts for grades 3 - 10 and K&E Programming

Reading and thinking skills

Writing and organization ( story, essay, poetry and note taking)

Mathematics and word problems

restore confidence

Mindfulness and perseverance

Memory retention

Positive self-talk

executive functions


Time management and organization

Problem solving

Social skills


april 2017

Lindsay is a fabulous teacher!! My son, who is autistic, said 'I really like going to Lindsay- she explains things properly and is very patient with me. She never rushes me, she waits for me to process the answer'. High praise!! He rarely remarks on anyone's teaching abilities.” 

Quote Source / Parent - Janet Ridsdale