How much do you invest?


All sessions are 1 hour unless previously discussed with your Learning Coach and paid for monthly through VISA, MASTER CARD, post-dated cheque, and E-Transfer.

*Subject to discounts

Invest today!


 1..2..3..Learning continues!  Choose between 1, 2 and 3 hours sessions. They include; 1-on-1 coaching, personal relationship, individual lesson plans, regular communication, online resources, home practice and outdoor learning.  

Do you have a Summer Program?

Absolutely not! I welcome families and learners with ADHD, ADD, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, gifted and those who are struggling. 

Every child reserves the right to get the RIGHT help for their needs and goals. Please talk to Lindsay to talk further about what LIFT Learning Inc. can do for your family. 

Is it a problem if my child has ADHD?

What Does LIFT stand for?

Life-long Inspiration For True LEARNING

When & why did LIFT Learning start?

LIFT Learning started in April 2011 to help a friend and her daughter who was really struggling at home and school. 
By working in school I have seen many children “fall through the cracks”. There here needs to be something in place to help them. During the school days there is just no time. From my experience with my brother, I know that there are so many other resources out there. Only, I want to empower children to help themselves grow, learn and reach for the stars.

No child should “fall through the cracks”. Every child has the right to all resources, to help them in their areas of need. I can do that, I can provide that. 


How is LIFT different from a tutor?

Most tutors focus on the subject and grade level the child is in and goes from there. LIFT focuses on the CAUSE of the learning challenge (emotional or academic), teaches them to use the tools and skills they need to bring themselves to the level they want(need) to be at as a learner.

LIFT programs are tailored to the child’s learning needs whereas most tutor companies require the child to fit into their programs.


How long will it take until I see progress?

The general understanding is that it takes 1 month to recognize a habit, another month to learn something new, and another month or two to create(practice) the new habit. It also would depend on how many sessions per week your child is able to do. Based on this, it will take 3 months or more per skill. 

LIFT Learning is not a quick fix and will require regular weekly sessions to attain the level of success your family desires. 

How involved will I be?

All sessions will be with the child and coach only. Unless a parent meeting has been scheduled. It is important that your child knows you care. Coming to LIFT is already a huge step in that direction; they know you're doing what you can to find what fits for them.  

Communication between coach and parent is important so that we’re all on the same page when it comes to your child’s learning. Please stay connected through conversation before/after sessions, text, and/or email.



Sometimes we all need to hear that we're doing okay. Please call 403-919-7427 or email ( any concerns you may be having during 8 am - 8:30 pm Monday - Saturday. 

NO. This is a free hour for you to get something done, go shopping, grab a coffee or have a nap. The exception to this is the assessment as we require parent(s) participation for the first 20-30 minutes. 

How often can I contact a Learning Coach on concerns?

Do I need to stay for my child's session?

You advertise free assessments.

What would an assessment look like?

Yes, FREE assessments!

In attendance: You, your significant other, and child.

Go over a little bit on what LIFT does and if it's the right fit for you and your family. I will have paperwork for you to fill out while the assessment continues without you. 
The next 30 - 45 minutes allows your coach to assess your child's ability, anxiety level and confidence in math, problem solving, spelling, reading, comprehension, and writing. 

You and your significant other are then called back in to be given a run down on what was observed and to go over any questions you might have.