Lilac Festival 2014

What an amazing turnout yesterday at the Lilac Festival. Thank you to my friends and family, present and not present, for your support. It is outstanding and has left me without words to really describe how I feel. I am forever blessed with amazing people in my life.

I was able to share my passion and dream with thousands of people. I could not have done it without my volunteers: Laura Kwok, Cal Tat, Tanis Rae, Ashley Tether, Derek Anthony, Greg, Shane, Alexa Crozier, Vince Ellis, Ryan Kemp, Graeme Judd, Alyssa Dron, Payton, Aunt Diane, Ian, Mum and Dad.

What an opportunity, Thank you to all of you who continue to encourage me, believe in me, push me to step outside to all that is possible and go over and beyond. Thank you.


Lindsay has always been inspiring towards helping kids find a new way to learning that not everyone understands. I am inspired by Lindsay’s patience and encouragement towards helping other achieve their goals. It all starts with a desire for something different.
— Tanis Lefebvre (Volunteer)


Lindsay’s passion and belief in the positive effect LIFT Learning can have in a child’s self - confidence and educations in unmistakable whenever she speaks about LIFT Learning. Her encouraging passion for learning, personal growth, and commitment to helping her students achieve their personal goals makes Lindsay a person wonderfully suited to what LIFT Learning is about.
— Cal Tat ( Volunteer)