Years of research and education have shown that applying uniqueness and accepting individuality improves student learning and overall success. 

At LIFT Learning Inc. we work with your child's natural abilities and strengths to develop a program tailored for them. 

With our unique approach to teaching we're able to provide 100% individual programming. 



Core Subjects

Reading * Comprehension * Word Attack * Cause and Effect * All Reading Levels * Letter Sound Recognition

Writing * Story Writing and Organization * Essay, Letter, Research * Note Taking Penmanship

Math * Problem Solving * Grades 2 - 10 * Organization Word problems * number recognition

Study Skills * Test Prep * Time Management * Memory Retention * Social skills

Confidence Building

Mindfulness Perseverance *Positive self-talk 

Encouragement of  natural abilities Acceptance of self

Coping strategies * Self-expression

* Personal reflection

Coaching Strategies 

Our five strategies are used as a baseline for coaching sessions. We pride ourselves on our keen observation and rare teaching abilities to coach your child or teen.

LIFT Learning Inc. breaks down educational concepts with real life examples

LIFT Learning Inc. programs are 100% student based.

LIFT Learning Inc. methods use repetitive learning without being monotonous to build memory skills.

LIFT Learning Inc. engages both sides of the students brain simultaneously to strengthen weaknesses. 

LIFT Learning Inc. coaches promise a positive and safe learning environment.

our family environment has changed since we started at LIFT Learning Inc. There are no longer fights regarding homework or school work in general. Lindsay has helped my son feel more confident and in turn has lifted a huge weight off of our family. Our son looks forward to his sessions, as do we.
— Coral (parent)